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Shown in reclaimed antique heart pine beams with walnut base and splines

48L 24D 14H



The Beam Coffee Table is two 12” x 12” antique pine beams held together with two inset walnut feet and three walnut splines. It is finished to a smooth shine, yet retains the scars of its past, including nail holes and iron stains.

The Beam Line is created from timber that comes from the beams, joists and support columns salvaged from buildings being renovated or demolished in the city.  Based on the age of the buildings, the wood is often first growth heart pine, from trees that were three or four hundred years old when they were cut.  This wood came from the vastly dense forests that covered the Northeast when New York was settled. Since these trees were competing for sunlight, the growth rings are very close together, which produced an incredibly dense, stable and beautifully grained wood.  Grain, color, and natural characteristics will be different with every beam, making each piece unique.  We have a regularly changing inventory of sizes and species. Contact us for options.

Designed in Red HookBrooklyn, our pieces are hand-built to order, signed and numbered by the maker and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.