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Waterline Slab Table

Shown in claro walnut and black marble with a cast antique brass base

96L 40D 30H



The Waterline Slab Table represents a creative new direction in slab table design. The table juxtaposes two claro walnut burl sections against a Negra Marquina Spanish marble, with all three cut to a clean geometric form that contains the rugged organicness of its elements. Sitting atop a cast bronze base, the Waterline Table is a contemporary expression of fundamental earth matter: Wood, Stone, and Metal.

Our large wood slabs are locally milled and dried and come from sustainably harvested trees. Like diamonds, no two slabs are the same. Grain, color and natural characteristics are different with every slab, making each piece unique. We have a regularly changing inventory of sizes and species.

Designed in Red HookBrooklyn, our pieces are hand-built to order, signed and numbered by the maker and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.