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Shown in teak and hand-blackened steel with glass top, 19 x 16H


The 16/45 End Tables vary in size, each referencing the colossal diameter and calibre of the shells that were onboard the USS North Carolina.  The tapered shape of the table supports took subtle cues from the battleship itself.  The lightness of the base is a direct contrast to the solid shells.  Crafted out of either teak or cold-rolled steel, the tables support black glass and are available in three heights.

The War Craft Line is built from reclaimed teak from the deck of the decommissioned USS North Carolina.  The battleship was built in the 1930’s in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and served in World War II.  Decommissioned in 1947, it is to date one of the most decorated battleships in US naval history. Its sleek, uncluttered design set a new precedent for all future ships. By exploring and referencing the forms of the battleship, the pieces create a dialog between honoring those lost during its various campaigns and exploring the inherently violent nature of modern war craft.

Available in custom sizes and finishes. Hand built to order, signed and numbered by the maker in Red Hook, Brooklyn and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.