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Domino Sugar Stools

Shown in antique heart pine

various sizes available



It begins with a centuries-old marvel of functional design: the sugar cube.

Our Domino Sugar Stools are crafted from 16X16X16” sections of reclaimed beams from Brooklyn’s Domino Sugar Refinery. A CNC machine precision-cuts one of nine multi-plane, hexangular designs into the end grain. The cube is then cut down to a hexagon with a chainsaw, revealing a unique finish that naturally transitions from the pristine machined seat to the rough-hewn base.

The design reflects Uhuru’s Subversive Nature principle: or, the continual flux of design and decay that plays out over time. The shape itself mimics one of nature’s most robust designs: the hexagon. Present in structures from honeycomb to snakeskin, the hexagon’s short sides and geometric concision make it at once robust and versatile. The transition from the stool’s top to base reflects the inevitable submission of design to decay, of the immaculate to the chaotic.

Designed in Red HookBrooklyn, our pieces are hand-built to order, signed and numbered by the maker and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.