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Song of the Open Road – A film by Federico Urdaneta

After eleven years of catering to the trade and design enthusiasts Red Hook-based luxury design + build furniture firm Uhuru Design will be opening their first retail showroom to the public on May 18th, 2015 on 74 Franklin Street in TriBeCa. Founded in 2004 by Rhode Island School of Design graduates Bill Hillgendorf and Jason Horvath, the brand utilizes undervalued materials to create a luxury end-product that communicates the story of the materials that constitute it.

The showroom will communicate the brand’s ethos through the theme “Subversive Nature”, a reflection on what nature does naturally to its own strongest creations; elements such as wood, steel, and stone are created and then destroyed or turned into an alternative material. The space will examine nature’s relationship to its own materials and further explore how the brand takes that which has been discarded and extends its life through narrative product design.

To celebrate the evolution of the brand and its relationship to the materials they use, Uhuru commissioned film-maker Federico Urdaneta to create a film inspired by their practices. The film showcases their history, philosophy, and materiality and was filmed in Red Hook, Brooklyn and Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, with words from Walt Whitman’s poem “Song of The Open Road”.