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Minim Office Line

Debuted at ICFF 2016

In setting out to design our new Workplace Minim Office Line, we weren’t seeking to change the way we work, rather, our goal was to elevate how we work – to design a product that enhances the experience of those who use it by infusing it with the same genuine design and material sensibility our Brooklyn studio has become known for.

We believe that a commitment to craft, style, and authenticity is as important in the workspace as it is in our homes. With the balance between work and home continuing to evolve, we sought to create a product that reflects the growing awareness in our society of the products we use and the spaces we inhabit.

Striking a balance between minimalism, bespoke design, and classic angular proportions, this line reflects this belief; its rich materiality incorporated into clean, contemporary and easily adaptable forms for a refined simplicity suitable for the next generation of workplace design.

View the full Minim Office Line Here.